Revolutionizing Transparency in Elections Through Innovative Software


In an era where transparency and accountability are paramount in democratic processes, Fastcomcorp, a leading technology company, has emerged as a key player in revolutionizing more transparency of the electoral process in Chile. Fastcomcorp has developed groundbreaking software, Apollo that enables political parties and third parties to audit every ballot reported, ensuring transparency and instilling trust in the electoral process. Whereas political parties can hold accountable Servel who is the independent organ of the government that arranges and supervises elections in Chile.

The Need for Transparency in Elections

Before we were ever in the scene, on top of there being volunteer poll workers working in each election. Each political party is responsible for recruiting from their own people election protection volunteers across the nation. Each election protection volunteer is a militant of their afiliated political party and are trained by an attorney who teaches them how to operate based on the guidelines established by Servel. They have an important job to ensure fair and transparent elections which are the backbone of any democratic society.

Transparency not only safeguards the democratic process but also upholds the principles of equality, justice, and citizen engagement.

Fastcomcorp’s Innovative Solution

Fastcomcorp’s cutting-edge software in 2022 has paved the way for a new era of transparency in Chile’s elections. The company’s commitment to providing secure and transparent solutions has led to the development of a software system that allows political parties to audit every ballot cast during the election process. Which aids election protection volunteers to transmit voter results just as fast as votes are reported to Servel.

How It Works

Fastcomcorp’s software utilizes advanced technology to create transparency at every stage of the electoral process. Here’s an overview of the system’s key features:

1. Digitization of  Registry of Ballots: Fastcomcorp’s software enables the digitization of each acta generated in the tables cast during the election. This process ensures that every vote is accurately recorded and eliminates the possibility of tampering or manipulation.

2. Real-time Tracking: Through the software, political parties have access to real-time tracking of each ballot, from the moment it is cast to the final tally. This feature allows for immediate verification and detection of any irregularities or discrepancies. Alongside election protection volunteers monitoring every vote making sure that the votes are counted accurately by the volunteer poll workers.

3. Auditing Capabilities: Fastcomcorp’s software provides comprehensive auditing capabilities, enabling political parties to review and verify the accuracy of each vote. This level of scrutiny ensures that the electoral process is transparent and trustworthy.

4. Data Storage: The software ensures the integrity of the reported information and confidentiality of the data. This ensures that the ballots and audit records are securely stored and are only accessible to authorized individuals. It also has tremendous capabilities of massive data storage and fault tolerant features.

Benefits and Impacts

Fastcomcorp’s software has far-reaching benefits for Chile’s elections:

1. Enhanced Transparency: By allowing political parties to audit every ballot, Fastcomcorp’s software promotes transparency and helps build trust among voters and political stakeholders. The ability to track and verify each vote reported to Servel contributes to a fair and transparent electoral process.

2. Improved Accuracy: The software’s advanced tracking and auditing capabilities significantly reduce the likelihood of errors or fraud, resulting in accurate and reliable election results. This helps uphold the democratic principles of accountability and fairness.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency: Fastcomcorp’s software streamlines the auditing process, saving valuable time and resources for political parties. It replaces manual, labor-intensive tasks with efficient digital processes, facilitating quicker analysis and review.

4. Confidence in Democracy: Through its commitment to transparency and accountability, Fastcomcorp’s software strengthens citizens’ confidence in the democratic system. Voters can be assured that their votes are accurately recorded and counted, fostering a sense of empowerment and active participation.


Fastcomcorp’s groundbreaking software has arrived as a game-changer in the realm of electoral transparency. With the ability to audit every ballot, political parties in Chile’s upcoming elections will have unprecedented insight once more into the electoral process. Fastcomcorp’s commitment to innovation and transparency reinforces the principles of democracy and paves the way for a more trustworthy and accountable electoral system.

As we move closer to the elections, the deployment of Fastcomcorp’s software marks a significant milestone in ensuring fair and transparent elections in Chile. It sets a commendable example for other nations to follow, illustrating that technology can be harnessed to strengthen democracy and protect the integrity of electoral processes.

By embracing Fastcomcorp’s innovative software, Chile is taking a giant leap towards a more transparent and trustworthy electoral system, ultimately empowering its citizens and strengthening the foundation of democracy. Our SaaS solution can be utilized by other political parties in other countries and organizations for internal elections to ensure transparency and instilling trust in the election process.

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