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AuthorElana Stewart

In the age of the coronavirus, many non-essential small businesses have been forced to close their doors to the public, make some major changes to the ways they operate, or transition to a fully remote work environment. However, there are some things small business owners can do to make this time as productive as possible. To assist you in growing your small business and strengthening your team of remote employees while adhering to social distancing guidelines, we’ve compiled the following list of tips and resources.

Strengthen Your Team While Working Remotely

Working remotely doesn’t mean you’ll need to go days or weeks without interacting with your team. In fact, daily communication will be vital to your small business during this time. Below are some tips for strengthening your team while practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic:

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, it’s important to stay connected to your customers and explore new ways of meeting their wants and needs during the pandemic. The below resources will help you to get started:

Upgrade Your Brick-and-Mortar & Business Technology

During the COVID-19 lockdown, there’s no better time to upgrade your company’s physical location—especially if your employees are working remotely or the business is temporarily closed. Before the lockdown ends, consider making the following upgrades and improvements to your brick-and-mortar business:

In this time of uncertainty, small business owners will strengthen their teams and continue to grow as a company if they keep these useful tips and resources in mind. By the time the coronavirus pandemic ends, the most ambitious small businesses will come back stronger than ever before.