Law firms and professionals in legal industry often find themselves overwhelmed with the number of documents they have to deal with. They either operate in an office environment that utilizes word processors, an insecure repository and email environment or adopt a streamlined process of document capture, storage, and also have security embedded in their entire workflow.

Managing documents effectively for a law firm is critical in the legal industry. Failure for a law firm to effectively manage and control documents can result in the loss of employee productivity, legal judgments, reputation and clientele. Legal document management technology allows individuals to manage documents efficiently and securely, and at the lowest possible cost in terms of both direct expenses and personal productivity.

It is important for law firms to develop a comprehensive records management program helps mitigate your law firm’s business, financial, legal and reputational risks. With new federal and state regulatory requirements added each year, it is critical that law firms assess their records management compliance strengths and vulnerabilities to stay one step ahead. The increasing use of electronic records storage and the escalating importance of e-discovery in litigation provides further impetus for law firms to develop efficient solutions to archive, store and access electronic records. An effective records management program can enable a law firm to save millions of dollars by eliminating the unnecessary storage of physical records and reducing the unnecessary retention of email or other electronic records.

There are those in the legal industry that do not favor document management systems because they believe it involves a big investment investment. The truth is that DMS technology cost nothing less than $500 to $50000. There are also open source solutions out there as well.

Fastcomcorp document management services will allow your law firm to cut costs and improve efficiencies by taking advantage of our expertise. Our state-of-the art Document Management System has a special focus on preservation conversions, cataloging and creating archived libraries designed for your law firm, creatively and seamlessly. We only use the best in technology, and people and who share our passion to provide dedicated services.

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