Choosing the right merchant provider for your business it can be not an easy feat. To simply this process for you there are three main key points you need to consider when choosing your merchant account provider which are:

  1. Pricing and Rates
  2. Customer Service
  3. Reputation and Integrity

Before we touch base on these three, we are going to tackle a mistake that many small business owners make. Which is that they go for many popular credit card solutions such as Square or Intuit without ever truly paying attention to the interest rates and the small fees. With this article we are also going to equip you and give you some tough questions you can ask a merchant that you are inquiring or for you to ask your present merchant provider.

Pricing and Rates

In order to start accepting credit cards in your business, you’ll pay fees for everything from setup and application to processing and possibly some customer service work. Before you sign the papers you need to pay close attention to the processing fees and rates alongside the terms and conditions that will govern your contract with your merchant. Keep in mind that there are many merchant service providers that are actually competing for your business….thousands!


While your looking around for a merchant provider look into getting a quote from Bluepay. Over 70,000 business utilize Bluepay to process their transactions. They serve corporations, software vendors to medium, and small business. Fastcomcorp partnered with Bluepay back in 2013 and we have helped alongside Bluepay small to major businesses find a great deal when they thought we could not beat their current merchant account rate. By inquiring thru us for a quote from Bluepay. We will put you in touch with the right person in upper management. At the same time if you are looking for a payment processing software or need us to write you a custom one. You can inquire in regards to this with us as well.

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