Online local business directories have significant value and they dominate local search results. Because search engines like Bing and Google now return a user’s search results with local listings (based on the location of the searcher). Search engines rank the businesses they know more about in their top listings. Because their aim is to deliver a good user experience, and to do that, their bots are constantly crawling for new sources of business information on the Web to verify your data. Search engines grab data from local business listings from Yellow Pages, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, 411, and EZlocal.

Local business listings enables you to be in the same level playing field as your big business competitors. This is why business especially big businesses invest heavily on online marketing and have an active social media presence. There are many services and tools in the market that can help you manage your business listings for your business online. The most important questions before you dive in is that you need to think about is what is your strategy? Who do I want to reach? What are the top online directories that I need to list my business on? Your strategy may end up being not having a an active social presence at all, but not listing your business online will hurt you.

Managing your business listings online also falls into the reputation management field. Negative reviews about your business on the internet will hurt you on the local listing directories and in the social media networks. It will drive away potential customers and even your current customers. At Fastcomcorp we can help you to deliver the right experiences to the right people at the right time. Discover potential, empower success.